Mother of pearl veneer from Aqua Blue Maui Mother of pearl and abalone veneer


Keeping the Beat.... with Aqua Blue Maui's Award Winning Thin Lam Veneer

Aqua Blue Maui is an innovator in the decorative shell industry using our beautiful tinted Thin Lam veneers and creating one-of-a-kind drum sets that are setting the custom drum industry on its ear. The beauty of the abalone shell veneer, combined with the ease of application and excellent acoustic qualities of our Thin Lam has made building complete abalone shell drum sets possible, desirable and competitive!

Aqua Blue welcomes aboard Mr. Mark Pelzman, Drum Division Manager. Mark comes to us with over 25 years of expertise. You may contact him at 1-321-727-2003.

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Exquisite sounds resonate with Ringo Starr playing a Ludwig custom drum set made for him with Award Winning Aqua Blue Maui Thin Lam Shell Veneer. Got Pearl?

Thin LamTM, Made in Hawaii U.S.A.
Guaranteed best service and quickest turn around time in the world!

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